The Seed Project

In 2017 was conducted in Hamina the  research project HALILAMA-2017 (Hamina kaupunki, Ympyräkaupunki), where almost 40 historical buildings and the main streets of the city’s central ring, were scanned and 3D modelled. In parallel an academic course: Basic of Geospatial Processing was deveoped. It involved undegrad students from TTY with basic task on 3D documentation while empowering them with knowledge on aerial photogrammetry and Terrestrial Laser Scanning. These two projects were leaded by the School of Architecture, TTY.

The geospatial information developed in these actions will  support the spatial integration of the several subprojects, and will allow the inclusion of data of the context for more integrative analyses in the specific spots.


You can check more images on the following Library: