Photo credit: Tiziana Fabi

Minna Silver (former Lönnqvist) is archaeologist and historian. Silver is currently President of ICOMOS Finland and since 2004 has been Adj.Prof at Oulu University in Finland. She earned her PhD in Archaeology in 2000, completed a GIS expert programme in 1998 and MA in General History in 1986 at Helsinki University. Her specialisations include cultural heritage preservation, archaeological remote-sensing, GIS and environmental/ landscape archaeology with attention to mobile and sedentary ways of lives, climate change  and  ancient empires.She has been full  memeber in  the executive board of CIPA (a joint committee ICOMOS and ISPRS on heritage documentation) since 2010. Silver’s career includes research in leadership positions of archaeological field work in the National Board of Antiquities, Academy of Finland and Helsinki University. She has been scholar at the Finnish Institutes in Rome and Athens, Hebrew University, British School of Archaeology (present Kenyon Institute) in Jerusalem, ASOR in Amman and University of Uppsala in Sweden. She has taught years at Helsinki University, been leader of Nordic PhD course and has served in professorship at Mardin Artuklu University in Turkey. She belongs to the UNESCO roster of Syria experts having led an archaeological project in Syria for ten years. Her numerous publications include Reviving Palmyra in Multiple Dimensions: Images Ruins and Cultural Memory with prof. Gabriele Fangi and prof. Ahmet Denker (Whittles, UK 2018).